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How to Get Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Your skin is the most important part of your health.
Because it is a layer on your body that protects you from infections and germs. Everyone wishes to have healthy skin because when skin is healthy, it offers a healthy appearance.
Your skin is also an indicator of your overall health.
Anti-aging creams and skincare products are big industries, you can take care of your skin at home
without bearing massive expenditure of buying expensive creams and supplements.

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    What ‘s Bee-venom peptide?

   ㆍA bee’s protective substance consisting of about 40 active peptide.
   ㆍDerived from pure natural materials.
   ㆍWrinkle improvement and skin whitening
   ㆍPower ful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune. effect
   ㆍLow lisk of side effects and residues.
   ㆍIn terms of oriental medicine it used a lot for the purpose of therapy.
   ㆍRecognized for quality by passing the US FDA approval of the 
       world-wide US FDA
   ㆍ Melitttin : 45~65%
   Various  pharmacollogical activities such as anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial ,
         pain reduction, anti-
vesic, and main ingredient of bee venom
   ㆍPLA2 : 11.5~13%
   Pharmacollogical activity of hemolysis and catalysis.
   ㆍApamin : 2.0~3.0%
   Neuralgia relief, pain relief, anti-inflammation immunity enhancement.

“We guarantee the best change in you”

Quick & Easy Anti wrinkle

Cosmetics that give tingling pain rather than softly covering the skin?
It is a micro needle patch. However, there was a good reason to endure the pain.
So what appeared is the micro needle patch.
The strategy is to deliver the active ingredients to the skin through pointed microneedles to reduce the absorption step and to directly penetrate
into the skin to deliver the active ingredients.

Bee venom Micro - Filler Patches

Bee venom Micro-Filler patches are instant-fix targeted treatments which provide an immediate visible difference by plumping and smoothing the
skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Each patch is made from pure Hyaluronic Acid and Bee Venom and is designed with 1,400 micro ‘stings’.
Bee venom Micro-Filler patches provide a similar anti-wrinkle instant result with the hyaluronic acid locking in moisture to provide a plumper,
smoother effect and bee venom stimulating collagen to rebuild and restructure the skin over time.
Due to the micro-stings structure please note that you may experience a slight tingling sensation upon initial application.

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    Suggested applications

   • Smile lines and vertical lip lines
   • Crow’s-feet
   • Under the eye
   • Frown lines or forehead creases

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    Usage cycle

   • For normal care(In case of weak wrinkles) : once a week.
   • For Intensive care(In case of severe wrinkles) : 
    2 times a week.

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    How to use

1. Before sleep, cleanse your face and remove water.
(Make sure that all cosmetics were absorbed, and then apply patch.)
2. Open the pouch and plsstic case carefully.
3. Be careful not to touch the center area with fingers and remove white protective film.
4. Attach patches on the area you want and press vertically with fingers for about 10~20 seconds.
5. Peel softly in next morning.(or after 1 hour minimum)