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What’s Marine Elastine?

It’s an ingredient extracted from the ocean(fish)!


Elastine, present in skin tissue at around 2%, is a resilient light protein,
like rubber, composed of elastic fibers.

Elastine exists between collagen and collagen and is entangled with
connective tissue.

Marine elastine is an elastine protein separated from deep sea fish
(deep sea shark).

It’s a kind of protein with good elasticity that constitutes the dermal layer of the skin and has a function to maintain skin elasticity.

Moisturizes with elasticity and moist skin.

Elastine is known to play a role in maintaining the firmness of the skin.

What’s Bee Venom peptide?

Natural active peptide ingredients!


-A bee’s protective substance consisting of about 40 active peptides

-Derived from pure natural materials
-Wrinkle improvement and skin whitening
-Powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune effects
-Low risk of side efects and residues
-In terms of oriental medicine, it used a lot for the purpose of therapy
- It's the first in Korea to contain DMF 27321 certified purified bee venom

Main ingredients
45-65% - Various pharmacological activities such as
anti-inflammation, antibacterial, pain reduction, anti-vesic, and main
ingredient of bee venom
PLA2 11.5-13% - Pharmacological activity of hemolysis and catalysis
Apamin 2.0-3.0% - Neuralgia relief, pain relief, anti-inflammation,
immunity enhancement

What’s Marine Collagen?

It’s an ingredient extracted from the ocean(fish)!


-Collagen is an important protein that makes up the vast majority of the
skin's dermal layer that keeps the cell tissue resilient and rugged.

-Marine collagen, also known as marine collagen, is an undiluted
solution of amino acids extracted from natural Mediterranean marine
proteins and purified with high purity collagen.

-Marine collagen helps to improve wrinkles by the homeostatic action of the skin (the physiological action that maintains the physical and
chemical properties of the internal environment constantly despite
changes in the external environment).

-It’s a triple helix alignment form of a polypeptide chain of 80-120 mm in diameter, which has the same effect as existing animal collagen and has a molecular structure capable of binding with human skin. In all
respects, it has the same properties as collagen found in human skin.

Purified Bee venom‘s US FDA approval

Recognized for quality by passing the FDA approval of the world-wide US FDA

Adhesive sheet without irritation – Ellose fabric

The Ellose fabric used in the hybrid gel mask is a low-irritation fabric obtained from OKEO-TEX Standard 100, a Swiss company that inspects 50 hazardous substances, for the first time in the mask fabric. It has excellent
breathability and excellent skin adhesion according to face line, which is effective for skin care.

Mask before use

Adheres to skin and does not flow down

Wrinkle improvement effect before and after use of mask

As a natural, antioxidant serum with peerlessly high functionality made with natural melittin peptide which is a natural component extracted from honey bee venom, royal jelly, and natural botanical extract, it quickly soothes and energizes the dull, tired skin through intensive care, and makes it look bright and awake.

Before use 01. Before use
After use (2 weeks) 02. After use (2 weeks)
After use (4 weeks) 03. After use (4 weeks)
  • 01.

    Hybrid gel masks combine the two functions to create the ultimate synergy

  • 02.

    Contains the ingredients of the dermis (Marine Collagen, Marine Elastin) and
    bee venom peptide to tighten the density of the skin to create a vibrant and smooth skin

  • 03.

    It’s a gel-type mask containing skin care ingredients, giving skin a sense of tension and helping to maintain
    a healthy and radiant skin

  • 04.

    Ellose fabric is closely adhered to the face, and the skin is managed

Main ingredients

: Bee venom, Hydrolized collagen, Hydrolized elastine, Portulaca oleracea extract

Quantity : 8 g X 5 EA


After facial cleansing, gently apply some skin toner to adjust skin texture. 01. After facial cleansing, gently apply some skin toner to adjust skin texture.
Open the pouch, apply</br>upper and lower sheets fitting</br>to your face shape. 02. Open the pouch, apply
upper and lower sheets fitting
to your face shape.
Leave them about 10-20</br>minutes and then remove</br>them. 03. Leave them about 10-20
minutes and then remove