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A Leading World-Class Brand in Bee


Premium quality functional serum made with pure, natural bee venom

As a natural, antioxidant serum with peerlessly high functionality made with natural melittin peptide which is
a natural component extracted from honey bee venom, royal jelly, and natural botanical extract, it quickly
soothes and energizes the dull, tired skin through intensive care, and makes it look bright and awake.


What is bee venom?

◦ Absolutely pure, natural component [蜂毒, Bee Venom]

1.Bee venom is a poisonous substance secreted from venom sac of worker bees among honey bees, in order to protect themselves. (Quoted from the Korea Apiculture Association)

2.Bee venom is a clear, transparent liquid with a strong bitter taste. When it volatilizes, it turns into solid


About MEDIBEE Serum’s “Purified Bee Venom”

Dried bee venom still contains pollen and foreign substances including those from the collection process.
But purified bee venom used in the serum is safe to be used for human, as it goes through three times of
purification and filtration processes.


Bee venom which has been used from the ancient times, long before Christ,

is now reinterpreted and newly reborn as functional cosmetics by Chungjin Biotech’s cutting-edge technology.


Purified bee venom is honey bee’s defensive substance composed of about 40 kinds of active peptides, and
melittin is the primary one among them. It is a side effect- and residue-free natural substance which
invigorates the dull and tired skin.

Korean bee venom is
rare ingredient obtained from nature.
So it’s precious and expensive.

World’s Dried Bee Venom Prices

Country South Korea New Zealand Russia U.S China
Won/1g 100,000 won 170,000 won 80,000 won 44,000 won 42,000 won

Unlike chemical raw materials, it is hard to mass manufacture.
It is a precious, time-consuming, and labor-intensive product.

Bee venom is expensive, even from the raw material level. South Korean bee venom costs about 100,000 won
per 1g and 1,000,000 won per 100g. It’s the raw material 100% purchased from Korean bee farms, for the
highest-quality, natural cosmetics with excellent functionality.


What is DMF? It is a certificate and registration system that requires to pass the FDA’s thorough examination for overall manufacturing and
quality management system.

For the registration in FDA-DMF, cytotoxicity test and HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test) were completed on
the purified bee venom.


As a result of our independent R&D efforts as well as 14 years of participation in the national R&D projects,
we were able to come up with prototype of high-quality, functional purified bee venom cosmetics, and
a clinical assessment was also conducted by the certificate authority .
Thanks to excellent effects and safety of the raw material itself, it is also registered in the The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


· 30-Day Intensive Care Solution for Glowing Skin

Point1. Soothe the sensitive, stressed skin and control the sebum

Point2. Protect the skin from external stimuli

Point3. Improve wrinkles by boosting elasticity and moisturize the skin

Point4. Make the skin texture firm and smooth by strengthening the skin barrier

Point5. Improve the skin texture for clear and glowing skin


· Ingredients you need to check for perfect skin!

  1. Pure, natural melittin which mainly comprises peptides good for skin moisturizing

  2. About 40 kinds of pure, natural peptides helpful to soothe and strengthen the skin barrier

  3. Royal jelly excellent in relieving skin stress and improving wrinkles

  4. Licorice extract good for mild skin

  5. Centella extract good for pore tightening and sebum control

  6. Adenosine excellent in wrinkle treatment
  7. Hamamelis Virginiana water that soothes the skin sensitive to external stimuli


The main component of bee venom, MELITTIN, mostly comprised of natural active peptides

Melittin, a kind of natural active peptide, is the main component of bee venom, accounting for 40-50 %. With
an excellent resistance to harmful substances, this natural substance greatly improves skin wrinkles, soothes the skin, and controls the sebum. It is totally nontoxic, and the risk of residue is also low.


1) Royal jelly – an antioxidant “EXCLUSIVELY FOR QUEEN BEE”

This viscous liquid secreted from the bee’s the salivary glands is an essential a nutrient element for queen bee’s long survival. Queen bee’s lifespan is almost 5 years, while worker bee’s lifespan is only 45 days, and this is all
thanks to royal jelly! Antioxidative royal jelly is known to help get the glowing skin, by reducing wrinkles and
strengthening the skin barrier to protect the skin.

2) Adenosine – a natural wrinkle reducer

As a substance naturally created in the body, containing sugar, it is excellent in reducing wrinkles. It also makes the skin stronger by helping strengthen the skin barrier.

3) Centella extract - helpful to get firm pore and control sebum


Absolutely famous ingredient! It’s a natural, extract especially good for sebum control. It effectively soothes the skin stressed from external stimuli and improves the skin texture.

MEDIBEE Serum is designed to maximize the effect of bee venom’s active ingredient by mixing the powdered
bee venom and serum ampoule immediately before use. The effect of bee venom in the liquid state lasts
7-8 days at the most.

Yellow line – Purified bee venom (Used in Medi Bee Melittin Serum)
Data sourced from the Korean Society of Analytical Sciences (Chungjin Biotech, N CosmeCeu, 2016)

About the graph

Under the normal room temperature condition, the effect of purified bee venom’s active ingredient (melittin)
lasts eight days maximum in the liquid solution state, when it is dissolved in the liquid.

This is why the container of MEDIBEE Serum is designed to let a user mix the bee venom powder and ampoule
immediately before use.
The capacity of each container is 8 milliliter so that it could be used for a 7-day period.

2 times a day in the morning and afternoon for 7 days = Bee Venom Serum 1 container

Apply the serum after face toner

Purified bee venom powder coming down to the liquid solution with the first pumping

Step 1. Right after the pumping, shake up the
container quickly enough,
about 20 times until there
is no lump, so that the purified bee venom powder
and liquid solution could be mixed well.

Step 2. Take an appropriate amount and spread it
evenly on the skin for fast absorption.






Smoothly applied